"Veterinarian to your home"

It Is a service when veterinarian will come to your home or elsewhere where youi have your darlings. You don´t have to go anywhere. We are able to do many preventive and curative treatments.

This way have many advantages:
  • no stress for your darlings in the waiting room

  • you don´t have to wait, everything is set on the exact time

  • you don´t have to go anywhere

  • your dog or cat will not met other potentiali ill animals

      On the other hand in the field we are not able to do everything. That´s why we can refer complicated cases or take your pets to veterinary clinic based on your preferences.


We are working nonstop!

Between 11pm and 7am you have to pay emergency fee.

If you have any question or request feel free to contact us by email or phone.


phone.: +420776320847

What we are able to do?

 We do many preventive and therapeutic interventions. 

For example:

  • vaccination
  • clinical examination 
  • blood and urine laboratory examination
  • ultrasonography examination
  • help with setting corect time for mating, confirmation of pregnancy
  • treatment of eye and ear
  • internal medicine (heart, lungs, liver, kidneys,...)
  • microchiping, issue animal passport
  • microscopic or cytologic examination
  • selling veterinary diets
  • preventive examination, diagnostic tests
  • help with parturition
  • compassionate euthanasia
  • castration, spay

      and many others